2018. Year of Suppressed Dreams or Infinite Possibility?

2018. It has a good ring to it don’t you think?

The number eight has something of an exciting quality to it, shaped, as it is, like a vertical rendition of the mathematical symbol for infinity.

Infinity denotes an infinitely large number. You could also think of it as the symbol conveying boundless possibility.

And that is a highly appropriate topic for the first post of this new year!

“Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.”

– Jamie Paolinetti


2018. Year of infinite possibility

2018 – year of suppressed dreams or infinite possibility? (continued)


Time out

In my last post of 2017 I dealt with the idea of giving yourself time out from your day to day routine to reflect on what it is you truly want from life and what changes you need to initiate to bring that about.

Hopefully you were one of many who were fortunate to take time off of work, or time away from your usual daily demands, for a few weeks (or perhaps days) during the recent holiday season.


Where you’d like to be

If that ‘down’ time helped as a catalyst to clarify, in your mind, what it is that you want to achieve this year, then that’s wonderful. You have something of a personal ‘roadmap’ – or at least a pretty good idea of where you’d like to be headed.

Please … hold on to that, don’t discard it!

You see, it’s relatively easy to connect with our inner beings when we are in that relaxed, de-stressed reflective mood that often comes with the holidays.


Back to the rat race

The problem comes when the holiday ends and we find ourselves thrust back into our day to day routines – the dreaded ‘rat race’ as some would call it! We quickly revert back to type, shifting focus away from our inner beings and back to managing the pressing issues of the world around us.

It doesn’t take long before the inner voice, that raised its volume a few notches during the break, is silenced, and the ego reasserts itself. We are left feeling a tad embarrassed that we could allow ourselves to temporarily disconnect with ‘reality’ and dare to dream a little.


‘Reality’ sets in again

As so-called ’reality’ sets in again and we get swept up by our ‘normal’ routines and lack of personal time, we are forced to jettison the ideas and resolutions that we had been so excited and inspired by during the time out.

This is why inspiring thoughts, ideas and fanciful – though probably vague – resolutions, are seldom acted upon and brought to fruition.


The trap … and the way out

But you’ll be pleased to know, there is a way out of this modern day trap.

The solution lies in first recognising that the mundane, life sapping world in which we spend most of our time is not the ‘real world’ but a trap that we get sucked into when we abdicate control of our lives and move into ‘coping mode’.


Creating your own reality

Our inner beings know that our true reality is whatever we want and choose it to be and that we have, within us, everything we need to bring it about.

Each and every one of us is endowed with a special gift or gifts that we can use to help make the world a better place.

When you follow your heart and start to use your gifts, your life will become meaningful, fulfilling … and fun!

Your true real world is there waiting for you to create it 🙂


Get help!

If you’re falling – or have fallen – back into the rat race trap, take a little time out to reconnect with your inner being and listen to your inner voice again.

Then do yourself a favour and get some help to come up with a goal and plan of action to begin to transform your life from what it is to what you really want it to be.

I say help because, as we all know, the external world and its demands are unrelenting. It preys on those who believe they have no option other than to submit to it.

To extricate yourself from the trap, you need confidence and self belief, so you can make the choices and use the personal power you have to create the reality you want.

Life coaches are specially trained with numerous simple yet powerful tools and techniques. They help people like you and me generate the confidence, self belief and connection to personal power needed to escape the trap and create a new, more joyful and rewarding ’real world’ for ourselves.

It’s 2018 and infinite possibilities await you.

Gather your courage – and take action!


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  1. Colleen Deyzel-Louw
    Jan 19, 2018

    I really enjoyed this Bill. It takes ‘what could be ‘and subtracts ‘what is’ and leaves a winning choice 🙂

    Many thanks

  2. Norton
    Jan 18, 2018

    Very true indeed Bill! Meditation has done a great deal in helping me find peace in my heart and allow the voice inside to reign supreme all the time, every time. When you grind down and bring time to a stall then you will always maintain your wits – never let that light inside fade!!


  3. Candice Tomlinson
    Jan 18, 2018

    A wonderful way to kick off 2018! Thanks Bill for reminding us all about the power of choice & to remain connected to our inner voices.

  4. Nomase
    Jan 17, 2018

    Great article and relevant for this season, thank you Bill. It takes 3 days in the ‘rat race ‘ for one to revert back to old habits of just ‘surviving & grinding’.

    • Bill
      Jan 17, 2018

      Indeed! Thank you.

  5. Karen
    Jan 17, 2018

    A superb theme with which to launch your first blog in 2018, Bill. The image reinforces your theme in a most powerful way. The statement that had the greatest impact on me is: ” When you follow your heart and use your gifts, your life will become meaningful, fulfilling and fun.” One of the greatest benefits of coaching, is that it helps us to identify our gifts and talents as well as our true purpose. I am so glad I have a coach of my own and that I was able to become a New Insights Pro Life Coach. That is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my entire life.

    • Bill
      Jan 17, 2018

      Thanks so much Karen – we’re so proud of you!

  6. Jana Field
    Jan 17, 2018

    Bill, you have hit the nail on the head with this post! It’s so important to realise that we can make our dreams our reality and that we do not need to “buy” into what is happening in our daily lives if it does not resonate our true selves. Thank you!

    • Bill
      Jan 17, 2018

      I appreciate the comment Jana – happy 2018!

  7. Neo M
    Jan 17, 2018

    Thank You so much!
    It’s time to create a fulfilling life from within to infinity.

    • Bill
      Jan 17, 2018

      Sounds good!

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