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Bill Burridge is the editor of Life Coaching Insights – and author of all the posted articles except where other authors are credited.

Bill Burridge

Bill Burridge

Bill is the Managing Director of both New Insights Africa Coaching and Communication and  New Insights Life Coaching UK Limited. He lives in Cape Town with his wife and two children.

Bill started his working life as a civil engineer but, as he says, “I soon realised that it was people, not inanimate objects, that were at the heart of my purpose in life.

After completing a full time MBA, Bill went to work for one of the world’s biggest multinationals where he held a number of positions ranging from sales and marketing to programme management and IT.

Bill spent the last six years of his corporate life working in London in England (the country of his birth) and this is where he opted to follow his heart and take up the offer of an internal communications management post.

In 2007, Bill returned to SA with his family and waved goodbye to corporate life. After a ‘chance’ meeting with Neil Asher and exposure to the New Insights life coach training programme, Bill saw the opportunity to move another step closer to full alignment with his life purpose – inspiring and motivating others.

Bill recently wrote his first book called ‘A Boerewors Roll for the Soul – Awaken to the magic of the life you love‘ which aims to provide readers with compelling reasons to pause, re-evaluate their existence and make the changes necessary to set and keep them on course for a life of great joy, happiness and fulfillment.


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