Keeping motivated

Some people tend to struggle with keeping motivated more than others. Nonetheless, it is an issue that all of us have to confront at some point in our lives.

I remember being asked once what ‘filters’ New Insights applies to screen people who enrol to train as life coaches. The lady who asked me the question seemed genuinely surprised by my answer: “None”.

“But what about the bad eggs – those people who really aren’t cut out to do such important work,” she continued.

I explained to her that the comprehensive and rigorous nature of our home study training programme renders it ‘self selecting’.

You see, apart from being thoroughly ethical and passionate about working with people to empower them, trainee life coaches need to learn a lot about themselves and the various techniques of human motivation that they will ultimately apply in their coaching.

It’s impossible to graduate to a life of motivating others if you do not make the necessary leap in self-awareness and self motivation required to complete the programme.

And quite a few don’t!


“When you look at people who are successful, you will find that they aren’t the people who are motivated, but have consistency in their motivation.”

– Arsene Wenger

Keep motivated

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Increase Your Effectiveness

In today’s hurly burly world where there never seems to be enough time for everything that needs to be done, what would you give to increase your effectiveness, or perhaps even double it?

We often hear how efficient people are but we don’t often talk about personal effectiveness.

What’s the difference?

Well, simply put, efficiency is about doing everything well, whereas effectiveness is doing well that which is really important.

Efficient people are more likely to feel stressed out precisely because there just isn’t enough time to do everything as well as they would like. Effective people make choices. They focus on what really needs doing and then on getting that done. They are less likely to ‘sweat the small stuff’!

Here are fifteen tips for raising your effectiveness. They were designed for people like coaches who run their own small businesses – but they can work for anyone.

“True effectiveness is a function of two things: what is produced (the golden eggs) and the producing asset (the goose).”

– Stephen Covey

increase your effectiveness

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Dealing with Stuckness

I’m sure that at some point in your life, if not right now, you have experienced a feeling of being stuck, or what a colleague of mine calls ‘stuckness’. It’s a common affliction and one that has a simple solution.

Just recently, and quite uncharacteristically, I have been experiencing muscle pain in my back, most noticeably in the neck muscles that connect my head to my back.

I went to see a local practitioner who specialises in a technique called body stress release and was surprised, at least at first, to hear his opinion that I had fallen prey to the dreaded ‘stuckness’.

It took a while for this to sink in and for me to recognise the condition.

“Stubborn problems always require a shift in paradigm.”

– Jamelle Sanders


dealing with stuckness

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The inspiration for this article comes from one of our trainee life coaches who posted a question on our Forum about how to deal with a client of his who was struggling to make changes in her life … and who claimed to be suffering from a mental illness.

Let me say, right at the outset, that New Insights strongly discourages its certified and trainee life coaches from coaching people with mental illnesses unless they do so under the guidance of a qualified mental health professional.

Nonetheless, in this case I detected some strong clues that mental illness was not an issue (although it is clear that such a condition that had been diagnosed and treated many years ago); rather the issue was one of ‘convenient self-labelling’.

“You may affix a label of convenience to yourself today only to find it won’t come unstuck tomorrow.”

– Yours truly



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Change is as Good as a Holiday

My thanks go to everyone who commented on the ‘Dream Big’ post written while on holiday in China – and to those trainees and coaches who put up with slight delays in support over the past two weeks or so.

Now it’s back to business as usual again … except that, after recuperating from a very long and eventful return journey, I feel a sense of renewal!

In life coaching we advocate frequent change as a means to ensure personal growth and development. I realise now after foregoing a proper holiday for far too long, that I needed some of my own medicine more than I cared to admit.

China is so different, culturally and historically, from what I am used to that it represented a substantial change to the status quo and with that has come a great deal of refreshing reflection.

As a result, I thought I would use this post to commend to you the value of making a change in your own life, whether that be an extended holiday, a week-end break away, a career change or simply a change in your daily routine.

“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.”

– Lao Tzu

change is as good as a holiday

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Break the Cycle

As the year slowly draws to a close, I appreciate that reading personal development style blogs starts to slip down the priority listing for many people.

And yet, as we prepare for a temporary interruption in our day-to-day routines, this is without doubt the very best time to sow the seeds for positive, meaningful change in our lives.

For many, the end of the year brings with it an almost obsessive focus on trying to complete unfinished tasks and a sudden rush to put right the effects of procrastination earlier in the year.

It’s also a time when many, particularly those in the southern hemisphere where the summer holidays beckon, start their preparations for taking some time out from work and their normal obligations.

For those who desire more than just temporary relief from the ‘rat race’ this time of enforced change is the perfect time to plan to break the cycle!

“All things are difficult before they are easy.”

– Thomas Fuller


Break the Cycle

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