Financial Abundance (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this post, we explored the idea that the biggest obstacle to enjoying financial abundance lies in the beliefs one holds about the subject of money, wealth and abundance.

Although at a conscious level you may feel that you are doing everything possible to achieve prosperity, there may be limiting beliefs ‘imprinted’ in your subconscious mind that are ’sabotaging’ your best efforts.

Simply put, there is cause (limiting beliefs about money) and resulting effect (lack of financial abundance).

For example, parents who struggled financially throughout life and who embodied a type of ‘poverty’ mentality to help them cope, may unwittingly have created the environment for their children to develop ‘imprints’ or subconsciously held beliefs that they too would always be destined to  struggle financially.

Let’s look at what it takes to achieve financial abundance.

“True abundance is not about what you have. It is about your state of mind!”

– New Insights Life Coaching


Financial Abundance Part 2 (continued)


Source of beliefs

The first step in developing an abundance mindset is to explore the source of one’s beliefs pertaining to money; to bring them into your conscious awareness so that you can understand and appreciate both the cause and effect that you are experiencing.

Beliefs about possibility

The primary psychological difference between those who do well financially and those who do not, lies in their beliefs about possibility.

Understanding how limiting beliefs come about and the damaging effect they can have, is a precursor to thinking about what might be possible if and when these beliefs are changed.

By asking yourself “What is possible?” you start the process of expanding your mental frame around money.

Try this exercise:

Think of something that you don’t have, but that you’d like to have. Think about why you don’t have it and how you wish you could have it. Ask yourself: “Why is it that I do not have this?”

Now try a different approach. Think about something that you want and all of the possibilities that you have for attaining it. Keep an open mind and ask yourself: “What are the possibilities I could pursue that might lead me to get what I want?”

Which one of these approaches makes you feel more energised and alive?

Perhaps you noticed that the first approach is the more traditional one that people adopt – and is the cause of the frustration and anxiety that many people experience in this regard.

Hopefully, the second approach made you feel a lot better. It was designed to expand your subconscious and conscious frames around prosperity and abundance.

Keep an open mind and embrace change

At this point it is necessary to keep an open mind and be ready to embrace the change that exploiting new possibilities or opportunities may require. (Read more about this here).

A natural human tendency is to protect the status quo and thereby avoid ‘risk’’ but it’s often necessary to have to take a small step backwards in order to make a giant leap forward. Many very wealthy people have experienced significant financial loss or even bankruptcy at some time in their lives only to turn the situation around completely within a short period thereafter.

To take advantage of the many possibilities, you must be prepared to change your daily routine and try something different. You must also learn how to view your world through the lens of prosperity and abundance – not mediocrity, lack or poverty!

Making the magic happen

It’s amazing what can happen when you change your attitude and beliefs about what is possible. The shifts may be small at first, but as you continue to embrace this empowering way of thinking, the ‘magic’ will inevitably start to happen!

Here it is worth revisiting the Law of Attraction. Basically, you will manifest what it is that you consistently focus your attention on …

… Whether that’s what you don’t want, or what you do 🙂


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  1. Garikayi Shoniwa
    Jul 6, 2016

    Thank you Bill. Insightful and thought provoking.

  2. Mncedisi
    Jun 23, 2016

    I am completely at harmony with this. Powerful!

    • Bill
      Jul 6, 2016

      Thank you Mncedisi!

  3. Karen
    Jun 22, 2016

    A wise, insightful piece of writing. The benefit of reading it again each day could have a profound effect on our lives. What if we were to try it?

    • Bill
      Jul 6, 2016

      What is possible? 🙂

  4. Tracey Wilson
    Jun 22, 2016

    “thoughts become things…. think good, positive ones!”

    • Bill
      Jul 6, 2016


      • Charles
        Aug 3, 2016

        Should we look for Answers in our Subconscious to Questions which our Conscious can’t readily give? – in other words let us imagine and think otherwise instead of letting ourselves be stuck on acquired beliefs !!

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