Power to the People

Our planet is both a wondrous and downright scary place to be right now.

We humans are naturally predisposed to seek the safety of the status quo rather than embrace change. Yet, just about everything around us is changing and there’s no sign of that letting up.

Whether you take a political, economic or social perspective on things, the world is changing like never before and at a rate that most of us find breathtaking and … quite frankly … bewildering!

It would all be very disheartening if it weren’t for one very encouraging aspect …

Individual people are beginning to wake up to the real power that they have to influence the nature of the world we live in!


Power to the People


Power to the People (continued)


Waking from a deep sleep

It feels to me like we are collectively beginning to wake from a ‘deep sleep’, though each of us is doing so at our own pace.

Breaking the bonds of control

The great majority of people have been dominated, controlled and manipulated through the ages, by supreme rulers, emperors, military dictators, secret societies, global elite groups, organised religions, monarchies, dictatorial regimes and, more recently, big businesses governed by a profit-at-all-costs motive.

Explosive developments in the field of technology have seen the advent of some horrifying weapons of mass destruction and other frightening modern tools of subversion and submission needed by those who would seek to forcibly impose their wills on others.

But the flip side of the technology explosion is a degree of connectivity and connectedness amongst ordinary people that is simply unprecedented.

The information era

Access to critical information is no longer limited to those in positions of power. Thanks to the Internet almost any information can be gleaned by those with sufficient curiosity or thirst for knowledge.

With the keys to a veritable treasure trove of previously unavailable information, ordinary people like you and I are becoming ever bolder and more demanding in the quest for truth, justice and fairness.

We are becoming more strident in our determination to hold those in power accountable for their ways and to expose the ruthlessness, manipulation and suppression that denies us our freedom.

Furthermore, we are starting to question everything that has previously been fed to us as ‘fact’. We are opening our minds to previously unthinkable possibilities.

The rise of self-awareness and empowerment

This era of information accessibility is accompanied by another, even more exciting trend, that I call the rise of self-awareness and personal empowerment.

As people become steadily more aware of what is happening around them, they also begin to reflect on what is going on within.

Common questions arise:

“Why is it that I believe what I do?” “Why is it that I behave the way I do?” “Why is it that I feel the way I do?” “Can I change this?” “How do I change this?”

This growth in self-awareness is part of the process of acknowledging one’s inner power and one’s ability to make a real difference in the world, particularly when embarking on a collective effort with likeminded people.

Just as access to information is broadening our minds when it comes to the external world, huge leaps in self-awareness are providing us with amazing new insights into who we are, where we come from and why we are here.

Exciting developments – with a downside

Whereas these developments are hugely exciting and to be welcomed, they are not without their downside.

Many people in today’s world feel great anxiety, uncertainty and apprehension as they try to adjust to a life that may be significantly different from that which they were taught to expect.

In addition, becoming aware of one’s power to create one’s destiny and influence the world, brings with it a responsibility that sits uncomfortably with some.

The antidote

There is an antidote to the stresses and strains that result from the newfound knowledge and awareness that we are experiencing in the 21st century.

You may not be surprised to hear my view that this is … life coaching.

A skilled life coach can help you get to know yourself in ways you never knew possible, feel comfortable with who you are and why you think, feel and act the way you do.

Through life coaching you will begin to make sense of and appreciate why the world seems so changeable and unpredictable. You will uncover the unique role that you can play in its evolution.

In the apparent chaos that we see and feel around and within us, there is in fact, perfect order, balance and love. The challenge is to find it!

A skilled life coach will help you to do so, so that you may live authentically, conscious of your own inner power, caring toward others and at peace with the world.

You see, the power lies with us!


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  1. Sandra Viljoen
    May 1, 2017

    A very insightful article. Thank you

  2. Lucienne
    Apr 12, 2017

    Absolutely the antidote – coaching! More than ever now it is about authentic living and finding that one action we can take for the collective from our own small corners.

    • Bill
      Apr 12, 2017

      Thanks Lucienne.

  3. Karen
    Apr 12, 2017

    The power of this blog lies in its third to last paragraph. I hesitate, though, to use the word, “perfect.”The most powerful moment that I encountered in the presence of my life coach and mentor, Brenda Eckstein, came in the form of a question, “What if you were to strive to be whole rather than perfect?” The process of “unwiring” and “rewiring” myself could then truly begin, simply by shifting my focus and learning to identify the uncomfortable feeling that had accompanied me all my life right up to that point. In that moment, I realized that only I held the key to the “treasure” called “life.” By remaining curious and asking myself constantly,” What can I learn from this?” and ” What can I do differently?” my life has not only been enriched and enhanced by my life coaching journey, but I discovered my true purpose and I have learnt, through meditation practice and my faith in God, how to connect with my inner peace DESPITE what is going on around me. I have learnt how to be content and it is the most comfortable place I have ever been.

    • Bill
      Apr 12, 2017

      A wonderful example for us all – thanks Karen!

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