Financial Abundance (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this post, we explored the idea that the biggest obstacle to enjoying financial abundance lies in the beliefs one holds about the subject of money, wealth and abundance.

Although at a conscious level you may feel that you are doing everything possible to achieve prosperity, there may be limiting beliefs ‘imprinted’ in your subconscious mind that are ’sabotaging’ your best efforts.

Simply put, there is cause (limiting beliefs about money) and resulting effect (lack of financial abundance).

For example, parents who struggled financially throughout life and who embodied a type of ‘poverty’ mentality to help them cope, may unwittingly have created the environment for their children to develop ‘imprints’ or subconsciously held beliefs that they too would always be destined to  struggle financially.

Let’s look at what it takes to achieve financial abundance.

“True abundance is not about what you have. It is about your state of mind!”

– New Insights Life Coaching


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Reinvent yourself

They say necessity is the mother of invention. Over the last two weeks I have also learnt that crisis is the mother of reinvention!

Don’t be alarmed. It’s not as if I have been beset by any affliction or tragedy.

No, fortunately nothing like that. But I have spent the vast majority of the past ten days wrestling with the effects of a systems crash that left New Insights without access to desktop based email, calendars and a host of crucial information needed for operational purposes.

Of course we rigorously back up our data on a daily basis. However, this brought me little comfort when I realised that the backups had been corrupted by the very same virus or digital gremlin that eventually precipitated the crash!

I’m pleased to say that with the assistance of a wonderful lady guru from the West Coast of the US (her remote location requiring us to put in some early mornings and late nights) things are slowly returning to ‘business as usual’ status.

As the light slowly appeared at the end of a very scary tunnel, and my breathing began to return to normal, I indulged in some serious reflection about what positive messages could be taken out of this little ‘crisis’.

Perhaps the biggest lesson that was rammed home to me is the need to constantly reinvent what you do, how you do things – and, by implication – who you are as a person or a business or both.

“The reinvention of daily life means marching off the edge of our maps.”

– Bob Black


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The Gift

Life is a Gift … That’s why it is called The Present!

As we journey along the path of Life, are we treading on shimmering rose quartz or sharp stones? As we go along, are we gathering “the more” that our Egos are desperate to find and hold onto? “When I get there …”

Or, perhaps we are aware of our Heart Song. Content and at Peace, remembering that our Point of Power is to be found … in the Present moment.

Is this The Gift?

The gift

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Fair Exchange

In my opinion a great deal of what is wrong with the world we live in can be laid at the door of the approach that some people choose to adopt to exchange.

As Robert Louis Stevenson once said: “Everybody lives by selling something.”

We all survive and try to prosper by transacting goods, services and favours for money or for other goods, services or favours. Each transaction involves an exchange. But how many truly involve fair exchange?

“Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living.  The world owes you nothing.  It was here first.”

– Mark Twain

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As a man I don’t find it particularly natural to be writing about surrender. After all, what man likes to throw in the towel without something of a fight?

But the form of surrender I want to talk about does not need to imply  weakness. In fact, if anything, it requires courage, trust and a degree of inner strength.

“Growth demands a temporary surrender of security.”

– Gail Sheehy

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